Cop Stop Coach's mission is to provide technological resources that aid in bridging the gap between the police and the community by increasing the level of transparency between the two entities through awareness, education, and ratings.

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About Cop Stop Coach

Cop Stop Coach is a social justice site and mobile application that provides awareness, visibility, information, and community involvement to help improve relations between citizens and law enforcement. The app gives citizens who have been detained by the police in any capacity to quickly inform others of their stop, record the situation and review the officer, among other in app options.

Whether it’s a routine traffic stop or an on-foot detainment, a person, in an instant has the control to inform their family, record the situation, and/or review their interaction with the police officer.

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Alert System

Users can quickly inform their contacts that they were stopped by the police with a google map locator.

Video System

Users can quickly record their interaction with the cops and send to their contacts. It is also saved to the app's server.

Rating System

Users can rate the cop(s) from their stop on a 5-star scale. This section can also be accessed by the cop(s) from the stop.

Recent Reviews

Cop Stop Coach users are able to view the latest reviews of officers from other users who have been stopped.

Artificial Intelligence

CSC uses Amazon’s Echo to keep a temporary record of each interaction in which the app has been used.


Learn simple tips that you can use, Users are able to access, at any time, educational information on various laws.

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Your Personal Assistant

CSC makes it very easy and fool proof for someone to use. As soon as a person is stopped by a law enforcement officer they can open the app and by the click of one button send a preset text message to their designated list of people informing them where and when they have been stopped. The person can also begin recording their interaction with the cop and directly upload it to the community. Lastly once their situation has subsided the person can then review their entire stop and rate their cop.

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Cop Stop Locations

Cop Stop Coach’s website keeps a live-view map that pings the location of any user who is using the app when they get stopped by the police.

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Pledge with Cop Stop Coach

The company behind Cop Stop Coach, Community Tech Connect's goal is to keep the basic functions of Cop Stop Coach free. However the price that goes into creating the app, its upkeep and promoting Cop Stop Coach are not free. If you believe in our mission of transparency and improved relations between the police and community, take the pledge with us.

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Who We Are

Cop Stop Coach app that aids in bridging the gap between the police and the community by increasing the level of transparency between the two through technology, reviews and education. A subsidiary company of our main organization Community Tech Connect

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